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i-lluminat asked: Aw fuck, you have a hipster blog ahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhah

Yep haha

asdfdsafdsfdsfdsafsdfasd asked: Oi Kristy ya slut ;) #givinghatetokristyschmidt

Oi its josh the cutie ;))

calmistx asked: Kidddiiinng, love you! Hahahah

aw love you ! hahaha :P

calmistx asked: Kristy, you're a faggot. I hate you. Don't ever talk to me again, ok. :) Thanks love xo

Thank god for that :’) bye <3 xo

Anonymous asked: fucking hipster blog, enough said.

get the heck out ;)

life-is-tough-try-harder asked: Could you accept my friend request beautiful <3

on facebook? :)

Anonymous asked: cunt <3


Anonymous asked: Do you like Dylan mcclintock

as a friend yeeeew ;)

Anonymous asked: Why's your nose so big?

don’t know hahaha why don’t ya love it ;)

life-is-tough-try-harder asked: You're beautiful!

Awwww! thankyou <3

life-is-tough-try-harder asked: Thanks for following me beautiful <3


Wavy Cursor Tail 11